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Humanity: Kids in a Sandbox

I had a vision that all beings throughout the universe are like little kids in a sand box, playing with toys and hitting each other over the head with their shovels, stealing each other’s buckets, and building and destroying sand castles. A bunch of little kids not knowing who they are or what to do.

After taking turns hitting each other over the head and stomping on each other’s castles they realized that what they were doing wasn’t working. They realized that everything they thought they were wasn’t true. That all the distortions of fear, identity, lack and limitation were false. There was infinite resources and infinite things to create and experience. They saw that all creations were equal, unique and beautiful and contributed to the diversity and richness of the whole. They experienced who they were beyond story, beyond identity and experienced themselves in Unity.

So they stood up, put down their shovels and dropped their buckets, and wiping the sand off their faces began laughing. Laughing at the ridiculousness of it, hugging each other and laughing because there was nothing to forgive. It didn’t matter what happened in the past because we didn’t know any better. We laughed at how many times we had hit others over the head with our shovel and how many times we had been hit over the head, and laughed some more. After the laughing stopped, we joined hands and hugged. We then asked the question, what now?

What now is undistorted creation.

Creation without fear, anxiety, self-doubt, guilt or shame. Creation without judgment or comparison. Creation just for the sake of creating not because you have to but because you choose to. Creation that vibrates in resonance with wisdom, unconditional love, and acceptance. Creation that celebrates individual expression, knowing full well we are all One. Hmmm... what would that look and feel like?

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