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Liquid Light

Into the nothing I sat, and saw that there is no good or bad, only what I chose to project and create. Those creations took on a life of their own and grew in separation.

Fear, greed, and hatred grew into a big dark energetic cloud eating everything in its path.

Love and joy became pious, unreachable, righteous, bent on conditions and expectations.

Good, bad, right, wrong, simply two sides of the coin of creation, flipping endlessly in time. One side fire, one side water, both within me and all of mankind.

The world at this time is the result of the
secreations that have been left to run free.

It is time now from this place of nothing, to witness theses clouds of creation running rampant to choose.

Feel into the darkness, feel into the hunger and the rage. Feel into compassion and love, or what you think is love and apply no conditions. Bring all the emotions of your life that exist within you, that are your creations, that you have let run free, and choose.

Good, bad, happy, sad, love, hatred, fear or freedom. In the physical plane they remain separate choices.

In the etheric they are melding into one. Fire and water, light and dark are swirling and dancing, melding into one liquid light.

What will remain when this is done?

Feel into it yourself. If you returned to nothing and witnessed all of your creations of dark and light and melded them together, what would you experience?

Who would you be? What wisdom have you gained?

Or is it better to keep them separate?

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