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One-ness: There’s a lot of talk about oneness these days. It seems humanity is waking up to the truth that there is more to us than just this physical body. This makes sense, I mean if I can observe my physical body, my thoughts, and my emotions, how can I be them? So the search for the true Self has led many people to discover that they are indeed one with All That Is.

This can only be experienced. Yet, the idea of oneness has turned it into a mental concept, an idea of what some think it should be. For instance, oneness isn’t all joy, love, rainbows, and bliss where we all meld into one and do the same thing. How boring.

On the contrary, we don’t meld into one, you don’t lose our sovereignty. Even at the moment of true self-discovery, you don’t lose you, there is still you. Any one telling you what you should do, or should be, or should experience does not know oneness. We don’t lose our ability to choose for ourselves what we want to experience in our life.

It is your choices, your vibration, your essence, your song that adds to the richness of the one song of All That Is.

You don’t lose you, you never could. You are free to choose anything from the smorgasbord of life. Sadness, despair, frustration are all very rich experiences and when we don’t attach to them, identify with them, or add meaning to them, they aren’t a trouble at all. They add richness, depth, and contrast to life.

So, where are you being asked to limit your choices and go along with the whole? Where have you lost your sovereignty? How can you claim it back and add your song to the whole?

Can you let go of what you think oneness should be, to experience the truth of what it truly is?

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