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Time to Level Up

There are times in life when we are asked to level up. In the last three and a half years I
have been asked to level up many times. I left a relationship, sold a business, discovered unconditional love, and left unconditional love in search of myself. During that time there was only one thing that I was sure of; that it was time to choose me. That it was time to level up and stop living my life for others and just be me.

I sold almost everything I owned, spent time under fruit trees, swimming in a swimming pool living in a home that echoed with the sound of my voice when I sang at the top of my lungs… because I could. Leveling up brought me something more. It brought me freedom. It was worth it.

I spent a winter in Eden Utah with friends, skiing and figuring out what I was going to do next. I tried on some things that didn’t fit, and some things that did. I discovered that I know how to let go of the things that don’t serve me, and how to call in the things that do. I discovered that I know very well how to break patterns, face emotions and all the yuk we all try to avoid, in order to experience and integrate that which I Am. Some of it was hard, but worth it.

I never thought of letting go as leveling up, but often it is. Leveling up is letting go of our attachments to money, stuff, people, stature, significance, fears, guilt, and beliefs of unworthiness so we can experience ourselves as free, full beings. Letting go requires us to let go of what we think we are, so we can experience that which we really are.

My inner voice led me to a place in Lexington Kentucky of all places where I never thought I would be. Yet here I am, surrounded by old growth trees, friendly people, and a slow and friendly way of life. People have said to me, “What are you doing?” “Lexington Kentucky?” “Really?” Yes. The voice within is my voice to follow and crazy enough it has led me here where I have had conversations with the pentagon on the problem of multidrug resistance, I have taught nutrition professionals how to solve the problem of emotional eating and grow their businesses, and I mentor people every week on how to let go of what they are not so they can integrate that which they are. More importantly, I found there is nothing I can’t do.

All because I was willing to level up. It was worth it.

Do I still have fears? Yes. But now I feel them and learn from them. Do I still have doubts? Yes, But I know they will not stop me. And I have good friends who tell me when I am not leveling up, which pisses me off and brings me great joy.

And now the voice within is once again saying, “It’s time to level up and be that which you are.”

I know this means to face my fears. I know this means to let go of my patterns. I know I am being asked to be honest, open, to be a channel for the truth. I know I am being asked to release again one identity on this game board of life and choose another. One that is fuller, richer, more expressive and abundant. And I am scared.

But I’m going to do it any way. Because I have learned that each time I do it, it’s worth it.

It’s not easy, but its worth it.

Where in your life are you being asked to level up? Better yet, what is waiting for you beyond it?

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