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Standing for Someone

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

I was working with a fellow coach who doubted their ability to stand up for their client and lovingly call out their false and limiting beliefs without feeling like they were calling them out as a person. He is not alone. I remember the first time I took a stand for a person's greatness and pointed out their victim story and how they were living in the past. It was tough. I was scared. But I did it anyway and when what I said sunk in, it was appreciated. Sometimes we need the truth to jolt us awake from the dream of not enough-ness. At first you may feel awkward like me, but as you practice, you will find your way. You can stand for someone in a way that is kind and loving. It just takes a bit of practice. You find a way to say, "Is that true?" in a way that is right for you. You rehearse it. You imagine yourself standing for someone in kind, compassionate, and loving ways successfully. Then when the opportunity arises, you use what you have practiced. When one of my clients gets triggered and wants to hold onto their belief or story of limitation my response may look like this, "I will go to the wall with you. But I will not let you be small. It is not who you are. At this point they may say something like, "It is hard." to which I respond, "Staying stuck in struggle and separation is SO much harder. You are are whole, complete and bigger than you are allowing yourself to be. What would it look like if you changed your story from it's hard, to it's easy. From I'm not, to I Am?

This gives them a moment to reflect and perhaps consider a new possibility. Maybe they will pick it up, maybe they won't. Either way, I stood for truth. I stood for someone. And that feels right to me.

Are you courageous enough to stand for someone?

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