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Come With Me

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

The east wind blows

Through the grass and the eaves

Tickling trees and lifting leaves

Whispering sweet nothings to those who hear

Come with me

She whispers her song

Soft and sweet

Into the ears of those she meets

She'll tousle your hair to get your attention

Come with me

Let go she sings of fear and doubt

Hop on board and let’s go out

Fly on my wings

And let’s soar higher

Come with me

Heaven is here, heaven is now

There’s no need to hide

Set your soul free and play with me

Share your gifts and let yourself be

Come with me

The east wind blows

Through time and space

There is no goal, no winning race

She whispers the truth with love and glee

Come with me

~Danielle Brooks

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