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Fiddle Fern Towers

Crabapple flowers and fiddle fern towers, spring is alive with life

The bees are buzzing, the birds are singing, there’s not one sign of strife.

As I walk the fields and pick the flowers, the patterns of life jump out

There is nothing so beautiful that touches my heart, than when spring is about

Does your heart open when a fairy flies by? Do you see its true nature or wave it goodbye?

Do you see the colors vibrate and dance? Will you open your eyes and take the chance?

Or will you walk on with closed heart and eyes, thinking about how everything dies?

Life is a choice on this planet were on, you live it once and them move on

You get to choose to let yourself be, to let in love and set yourself free

Do you choose the light? Do you choose the dark? It only matters to the state of your heart.

Today on a walk, do stop to talk, to the flowers and bees, and fiddle fern trees.

They will tell you a secret of what life’s about, and your heart will know without a doubt.

That nothings so grand and nothings so wise, as mother nature and all her surprise.

~Danielle Brooks

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