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In the heart of nothing

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Inhale, pause. The world drops away, suspended in the belly of creation. So vast, so infinite, the center of creation breathes all around, rolling, pulsing, encompassing forever, expanding in all that is. Timeless. Galaxies go on forever and move in a magical dance of shooting stars, swirling planets with many moons, and brilliant suns suspended in the glory of all that is. I gasp in awe and explode as full comprehension floods me with all knowing. Indescribable beauty expands in all directions as my soul opens to the magnitude and awe of creation. I see the milky way galaxy, the sun, the moon and the stars. I look to the earth and the earth is so tiny, humans so small in the totality of creation, And I thought that the world evolved around me! Tears of laughter fall and the hilarity of the human drama hits me. So much laughter. All the drama! The egos! The stories of lack and limitation that keep us from the truth of who we are. So humbled. Kneeling at the feet of creation with bowed head in reverence of knowing. In awe of all that is. We have the capacity within us to heal the world. Our hearts are so big, our lights so expansive. Each one of us has been given a gift and it is our joy to express it. As many stars that exist in the sky are souls longing to be set free with the truth of who we are. It is with our voice that we create, our voice that gives expression, and it is our hearts that show us the way. You my dear one are an infinite being. There is nothing to do, nothing to achieve, and nothing that you need to become. You are love embodied, joy seeking expression, and a soul seeking to know itself in truth. Close your eyes. Exhale. Pause. Let the world drop away. Rest in the belly of creation. Let it roll and pulse like the galaxies that surround you and dance with the shooting stars, and bathe in the brilliant light of the suns. Gasp in awe as you recognize your own divinity, allow yourself the expressions you wish to bring forth, forgive your illusions. Your self deceptions cannot take place of the truth. Bemuse yourself with your own soul and experience the joys of embodiment, for soon you will be called home through never ending galaxies to the indescribable, ever expanding, all encompassing love of all that is.

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